FAQ's About Ball® Jars

What are Ball® Jars? Who Produces Ball® Jars? I have not seen them in Australia until now.

A trusted leader in home preserving in the US, Ball® Brand Fresh Preserving Products pack over 125 years of research, testing and advancing the art of fresh preserving into every product they produce, including their preserving jars and lids.

Ball® Brand Preserving Jars and Lids are scientifically tested for superior quality and sealing performance during the home preserving process. Ball® Jars are always sold with lids and bands. The jars and lids are made in America and BPA free.

Why should I use Ball® Jars with Lids and Bands for preserving over reused commercial food jars?

Ball® Jars with Lids and Bands are specifically designed for superior quality and sealing performance during the home preserving process.

Ball® Jars are intended for home preserving. They are produced to withstand multiple uses and the temperatures of the preserving process. Be sure to follow instructions for heating jars before filling with hot foods. Commercial Jars are only designed for single use and may not withstand preserving temperatures.

Lids with Bands:
The 2-piece lid and band combination is designed to vent air from the jar during the preserving process. This gives you a proper seal for storage in your pantry. One-piece lids that come on commercially canned food are not recommended or intended for reuse in home preserving. They may not seal properly a second time.

Are Ball® Jars Reusable? What about the Ball® Lids and Bands?

Yes, Ball® Jars are reusable. Be sure to check for any nicks and cracks before each use as they may have become damaged during storage between uses.

Ball® Lids are designed for one-time use to ensure a proper seal. After heat processing, and upon cooling, the lid seals to the jar. Once the lid has gone through the sealing process, it may fail to seal if used again. After the sealed lid has been opened, you can use the lid and band for storage in the refrigerator. Or, you can use a Ball® Plastic Storage Cap.

Bands can be reused. We do recommend washing and drying bands well before storing them between uses. This helps to keep them from rusting.

Where can I find Ball® Jars?

Ball® Jars can be found at your local Woolworth’s and Big W store in the homeware or food storage section.